OM Namo Bhagavateh - Mother's mantra

Nyomtatóbarát változat

   Right from the outset of this yoga of the body, she had seen the repetitive power of this cellular substance, and she said to herself that if she could ingrain a certain type of vibration in matter — say, a solar, luminous, expansive vibration like that of love — instead of the usual shrivelled up, sordid, pessimistic, mortal type, then one might have the power to give this substance a new principle of cohesion which would no longer be based on mortal habit but on a divine habit. Instead of winding death, the cell had to wind eternal life. Therefore Mother started repeating a mantra, her mantra, the one that for her evoked supreme love which is supreme life. You begin by repeating the mantra, or the vibration, with your head or your mental memory, and little by little it descends all the degrees of the being: into the heart, into sensations, into movements, and right down to the memory of the body. Once it is fixed in the body, it no longer moves: it repeats itself as unvaryingly as “Oh, cancer! Oh, gravitation! Oh, it hurts! Oh ...” — all the little oh's that make up a habitual and mortal body.

60.46 – Sound has a power in itself, and by compelling the body to repeat a sound you compel it to receive the vibration at the same time. But words must have a life of their own (I don't mean an intellectual meaning, nothing of the kind, but a vibration). And the effect on the body is extraordinary: it starts vibrating and vibrating and vibrating....

60.209 – I saw that the mantra has an organizing effect on the subconscient, on the inconscient, on matter, on the cells of the body, all that — it takes time, but through repetition and persistency, in the long run it has an effect. It has the same effect as doing daily exercises on the piano, for example. You repeat them mechanically and in the end your hands are filled with consciousness — it fills the body with consciousness.