April 12, 1972

Nyomtatóbarát változat

The Mother


(Mother shows Satprem a card with her photo and the following text in English printed on it.)

No human will can finally prevail against the Divine's will.

Let us put ourselves deliberately and exclusively on the side of the Divine and the victory is ultimately certain.

The Mother

Strange how human nature resists that. Ordinary human nature is such that it prefers defeat on its own terms to victory in another way. I am making amazing discoveries these days – just amazing.

Human stupidity is abysmal. Abysmal.

It's as if the Force I mentioned before1 wanted to go like this (gesture like a power drill), deeper and deeper into the subconscient.

There are incredible things in the subconscient – incredible. I spend entire nights watching them. And it goes down and down and down... IMPERATIVELY.

So the human subconscient cries out, “Oh, not yet, please, not yet – not so fast!” And that's what you are up against. A general subconscient.

Naturally, the resistance brings about catastrophes, and then people say, “See! See your beneficient action, it is only causing catastrophes.” Unbelievable, they are unbelievably stupid.

I see it in myself; never have I felt the resistance of the lower nature in such a....

Yes, oh yes! It has increased tremendously.

Yes, tremendously. One wonders how it will end, and at times one gets really worried.

No, you shouldn't. You simply... keep clinging to the Divine. For, of course, the resistance has such wonderful reasoning! “You see,” it says, “You see where all this is leading you, you see....” Oh, it's... it's more than a resistance; it is PERVERSE.


A perversity.

Yes, Mother, quite so. I can see that. I clearly see that it really is a perversity.

Yes, a perversity.

But I don't know what to do. Nothing seems able to subdue it. I don't know what to do.

Well, the only way is.... If you can avoid listening, it's better, but if you do listen, the only reply is: “I don't care what you say, I don't care” – constantly. “You'll become stupid” – I don't care. “You'll spoil all your work” – I don't care.... To all those perverse arguments the same reply: I don't care.

If you can experience that it's the Divine that does everything, then with an unshakable faith, you say, “All your arguments are worthless; the joy of being with the Divine, conscious of the Divine, surpasses everything” – it surpasses the creation, surpasses life, surpasses happiness and success, it surpasses everything (Mother raises one finger): THAT.

That's all. Then all is well. And it's over.

It's as if That drove all the worst things in nature out into bright daylight, out into the open, into contact with that Force...


...so as to have done with them.

Besides, it seems to attack what was good-willed in us.

After some time it becomes absolutely wonderful, but one goes through some difficult moments.

Yes. Yes, there are times when you wonder if everything isn't going to be swept away.

(Mother laughs) That's absurd! Absurd. What's going to be swept away is the resistance.


(Mother plunges in, smiles)

More and more I feel there's but one way.... (Laughing) It makes an amusing picture: to sit on the mind – just sit on the mind: shut up. That's the only way.

You sit on the mind (Mother gives a little slap): shut up.


The subconscient contains the memory of all the previous “pralayas,”2 and this memory is what always gives us the impression that everything is going to dissolve, to collapse.

But if you look at things in the true light, there can only be a more beautiful manifestation! Théon had told me this was the seventh and last one. Sri Aurobindo (I had told him what Théon said), Sri Aurobindo concurred, for he said, “This one will see the transformation towards the Supermind.” But to reach the Supermind, the mind must SHUT up! And I always get the impression (laughing) of a child sitting on the mind's head (gesture like a child kicking its feet), playing on the mind's head! If I could still draw, it would make something really funny. The mind – that huge terrestrial mind (Mother puffs out her cheeks) – which thinks itself so important and indispensable, and then a child sitting on its head and playing! It's so funny.

Ah, mon petit, we don't have faith! The moment one has faith....

We say, “We want a divine life” – but we're afraid of it! The second the fear disappears and we are sincere... really, everything changes.

We say, “We want nothing more of this life,” but... (laughing) something in us clings to it!


It's so ridiculous.

We cling to our old ideas, our old... to this old world bound for extinction – we're afraid!

While the divine child sitting on the mind's head plays!... I wish I could draw that picture, it's so wonderful.

We are so silly we even say (Mother puts on an air of offended dignity): the Divine is wrong, “You shouldn't handle things that way!” It's comical, mon petit.


The best remedy (I mean the easiest) for me, is: what You will – what You will, in all sincerity. In all sincerity. And then – then understanding comes. Then you understand. But you don't understand mentally, not here (Mother touches her head).

What You will.


So I can see the resistance in people, I see (they don't say anything, but they think it; I see it in the mental atmosphere like this – gesture all around): the twaddle of an old woman!

That's the situation.



1 The descent of February 21 (the “frightening pressure to compel the necessary progress”). See conversation of March 8.


2 Pralaya: the end of a world, apocalypse.