October 25, 1972

Nyomtatóbarát változat

The Mother


(Satprem gives Mother a flower, and Mother gives it to Satprem.)

It's “Power of Truth in the Subconscient”.

How are you?

Physically I'm well, I think.

The governor [of Pondicherry] is coming here to say good-bye, but he hasn't arrived yet. I've asked to be informed of his arrival; you'll just sit over there while I see him, and then you'll come back.

(after a silence)

All possible contradictions are accumulated in the subconscient.


And it keeps coming up like this (gesture gushing out), all the time, all the time. And... you feel you are completely stupid, unconscious, obdurate.

All that is... (same gesture rising from below).

But the consciousness here (gesture around the head) is peaceful, extraordinarily peaceful... (Mother opens her hands): let Your Will be done, Lord. So “that” exerts a pressure on what rises from below.

As though the battle of the world were being fought in my consciousness.

It has come to a point that forgetting, forgetting the Divine for just a single minute is catastrophic.

How about you, how are things for you?

Well, the cleansing of the subconscient seems just endless, Mother.

Yes, because it isn't one person's subconscient: it is THE EARTH'S subconscient. It's endless. Yet we must....

Stopping that would mean stopping the work. Going on with it means it will take ages.... I don't know... it's endless.

Although clearly, quite clearly, stopping it would mean stopping the work. As if this consciousness (gesture around Mother) were the meeting point and the center of action.

So my sole means is to remain quiet – very, very quiet... (Mother opens her hands upwards). To feel that the individuality is nothing, absolutely nothing – so the divine rays can pass, pass through it. It's the only solution. It must be the Divine who... who fights the battle.


Last time you said, “It will take centuries, perhaps millenniums, before humans consciously turn to the Divine.” But....

Maybe not.

One's impression is that this time, something decisive should occur.

Yes.... You know, my impression is that the individuality is like an image to focus the attention (humans need something -they have always needed something on their scale to focus their attention), so the body tries its best not to obstruct the divine Force from passing through, it tries to suppress all its own interferences, but at the same time it sees itself... as an image humans need to focus their attention.

(At this point, Governor J. enters the room, sits silently before Mother, remains a few minutes in meditation, then does his pranam and leaves the room.)

(Mother plunges in till the end
Sujata comes up to Mother)

(Sujata:) Mother, you know, I saw you yesterday morning between 4:00 and 4:30, and you were giving your blessings to everybody. You were sitting on a very high seat, dressed in a white sari (if I recall correctly), and I was among the first to approach you for pranam. I knelt before you, brought my hands together, and bowed my head. Then you held my head, and suddenly I noticed I couldn't raise my head anymore! And I realized you were forcing my head downwards: you know, with your hands you were pressing, so my head kept going down and down and down. Finally I saw your feet1 – I was very close to your feet – and what lovely feet they were, Mother! All white and... wonderful. Translucent almost.

(Mother smiles and caresses Sujata's cheek)


1 The feet are the symbol of matter.